We have seen it over the last few years, when demand for something is high but there is not enough supply to stock it, we are left with shortages and inflation. Think toilet paper during COVID. This same principle is true with every finite resource on the earth, and this is no different with energy.

Over the years as we see an increase in population and advancements in technology, energy is more precious than ever! We all use it daily for light, entertainment, to wash our clothes, dishes, or any other daily use. Yet the harsh truth is the traditional methods of energy production are not going to last forever. In fact with increased need there will continue to be increased depletion. It is why we see rising gas prices and rising energy bills. Which is also why over the years the push for renewable sources has grown.

Renewable Sources

While the truth of where we are in terms of resource consumption may seem very discouraging, luckily there are solutions that are very viable alternatives in terms of energy production with renewable sources. Specifically solar takes the crown in terms of realistically having a direct impact on people, but there are several other source such as wind turbines that could help on a much larger scale.

Yet this idea of owning your own renewable source of energy is incredible, especially with the growing cost of renting your power, which can be linked in the inflation of prices due to the depletion. Solar is a source that will last as long as the sun keeps shining and with the growth in technology is also a very affordable and efficient method to meet the energy needs of your family. As solar continues to take off in the US, and I believe this is still just the beginning, we will see a reduction in the depletion, and if ever we can break away from the traditional methods completely in time will give the resources their needed to time to replenish. This will create a positive effect on a much larger scale.

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