FAQ on going solar

Ed answers a few questions about solar power. Will my insurance go up? Will I need additional insurance? What happens if I need to replace the roof? Can I sell my home after getting solar panels? How long will my panels last? And many more...

Five Benefits of Solar Power

Choosing to go solar has a lot of benefits! Ed Graves with Energy Improvements lists 5 benefits and reasons to get solar panels for your home. Solar is free energy that allows you to save money by lowering your electric bill.


A solar buyback program allows you to earn credits for the excess power you solar panels produce. We answer the question, what would happen if you're electric company or co-op does not have a buyback program. Do you even need one?



Inflation is at an all-time rise and our utility bills are going to increase in the next five years! We explain why and what you can do to save money and energy long-term.

How to beat Inflation

How to beat inflation? The solution is Solar Energy. Between Legislation agreements and Inflation, electric bills will continue to skyrocket. The only way to beat the system is by choosing solar power.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

Most often people believe it's about the size of the house, but the truth is that your solar power system will cost according to how much energy consumption you use.

What Does It Mean To Offset Your Meter?

We explain how to get the best performance and savings from your solar panel system when we install. Offsetting your solar energy system is important, but not often thought of to the average consumer.

How the solar tax 

credit works

The solar panel tax credit, also known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), is a federal incentive in the United States designed to promote the adoption of solar energy systems.


Solar is NOT a scam. It's how solar is installed or sold that makes it a scam, because there are some many variations and technical reasons to making solar panels work for your home and your needs.


Solar is become more technologically and economically advanced!



Here is a step by step process of installing solar panels on a roof. The time and work is well worth it for free energy


Whether you're a homeowner, an eco-conscious individual, that wants to save money and energy on your utility bills, solar panels are the right choice to becoming energy independent and saving thousands.



Not every home qualifies for solar. There are a lot of misconceptions and reasons that installing solar on your home would be be beneficial. We explain the reasons you should be careful who you choose as your solar contractor, so that you're getting the best bang for your bucks.