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Looking to create a sustainable future for yourself and your family? Look no further than Energy Improvements. We offer top-quality solar panels in Whitehouse, Texas.

Take the first step towards energy independence today by reaching out to us. We’ll show you how we’ll help you reduce your energy bills and increase the value of your home. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust us for reliable solar panel installation.

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Off-Grid Solar Installation in Whitehouse, TX

Get complete energy independence with Energy Improvements' off-grid solar power system. No more power bills or outages to worry about.

Our unique Peimar solar panels from Italy and Enphase Inverter ensure uninterrupted performance even if one panel goes down. Trust Energy Improvements for true energy independence.

Benefits of Our Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

  • Energy Independence: An off-grid system gives you complete independence. You won't depend on energy companies or the electrical grid anymore.
  • No Power Outages: With an off-grid power system, your home will always stay powered up. Never worry about power outages again.
  • No Electric Bills: An off-grid power system means you're not linked to any power grid. You’ll never have to deal with power companies or pay any electric bills.
  • Green Energy: Reduce your carbon footprint and be reassured that your home is powered by clean, renewable energy.
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Grid-Tied Solar Installation in Whitehouse, TX

Cut your energy bill by half. With grid-tied solar panels, there are several tax incentives available. Some power companies even offer rebates for using a grid-tied system.

We stand apart from other solar companies in Whitehouse, Texas because we use Peimar solar panels and Enphase Inverter technology. Our solar panels guarantee uninterrupted power supply even if one panel fails, unlike other solar panels that lead to a complete system failure.

Benefits of Our Grid-tied Solar Power Systems

  • Cost Effective: This is the most economical solar system. It requires less equipment and doesn’t require batteries.
  • Versatile: Your solar power system draws power from the grid on cloudy days and produces surplus energy on sunny days.
  • Long Lasting: Extend the life of your electrical system up to 30 years by using solar power. Enjoy long-term savings with a solar-powered electrical system.
  • Green Energy: Your grid-tied system will lower your carbon footprint and free you from relying on fossil fuels for your electricity.
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Grid-Tied Solar Installation With Battery Backups in Whitehouse, TX

Looking for a solar energy system that offers maximum flexibility? Look no further than Energy Improvements' grid-tied solar systems with battery backup. During sunny days, the system directly powers your home, while any excess energy is stored in batteries for use during cloudy days.

Benefits of Our Grid-tied Solar System with Battery Backup

  • Sustainable Energy: With these systems, you power your own home and return the excess energy to the grid for others to use.
  • Fewer Power Outages: If there’s a power outage, the battery backups in your solar system keep your home powered for several days.
  • Lower Electricity Bills: Once your batteries are fully charged, any excess power generated by your solar system is transferred to the power grid and credited to your account by the energy company.
  • More Independence: This solar system gives you more independence from the energy grid.
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Radiant Barrier Shield Installation in Whitehouse, TX

Looking for ways to cut down on your energy bills? Install a radiant energy barrier in your home. The radiant barrier shield from Energy Improvements reflects heat and reduces the workload on your air conditioning system.

The innovative technology regulates your home’s temperature all year round. This lets you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while also saving you money on your energy bills.

  • Reflect 95% of Energy: Our radiant barrier shields reflect almost all the radiant energy striking your home.
  • Keep the Critters Away: Keep insect and rodent infestation down in your attic with our Radiant Barrier Shield.
  • Greater HVAC & Roof Lifetime: Extend the life of your HVAC and your roof. This prevents costly repairs and maintenance.
  • Free Maintenance: If your Radiant Barrier Shield ever needs maintenance, we cover the cost.
  • Reduce Electric & Gas Bills: Block the sun’s heat so your HVAC runs less. This means lower energy bills.
  • Double Lifetime Warranty: All warranties transfer from you to whoever buys the home after you.
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