Energy Improvements got it’s start in 1989, and with over 33 years in the industry, and the reputation of being the oldest radiant barrier company in the country, it is evident that we as a company are doing something right. Ed first learned about Radiant Barrier and how it worked in the 80s, and never would of dreamed of the success he would experience over the years! One thing that set’s a company apart that’s been around that long is honest moral values. With Radiant Barrier and Solar Panels the goal is the same, to help people save money on their energy costs! This goal has been executed over three decade with honesty, integrity, and faith.

33 years and counting 

In searching for a company to trust with an investment such as Radiant Barrier or Solar Panels, you don’t want to go with a fly by night company that may not even be around in the next few years. Yet many of the Solar Panel companies today are just such companies, that were started within the last five years, and may not make it another five. With Energy Improvements the longevity speaks for itself, and you can be assured we are not going anywhere. Even further to the point 33 years is a long time in business, and with that many years comes the lesson’s and challenge’s that have enabled us to grow as a company to provide each of our customers with quality and efficiency that are unrivaled. 33 years in the energy industry specifically has also allowed us to formulate our services to maximize the efficiency for our customers.

Business Fueled by Faith, Not Greed

This company was founded by a man just trying to make ends meet for his family. Defined by his integrity and honesty formed during his time as a full time minster, Ed has built a name that can be trusted. Whereas many of the Solar or Barrier competitors started from a dream to be rich, greed has never been the driving focus for Energy Improvements. This has allowed us to focus on what truly matters in the business, saving our customers the most with their investments!

Efficiency in an Industry struggling to keep up

Most of the major Solar companies in the united states find themselves overbook booked and understaffed. This along with other variables leads to an average project time of 6-8 month per solar project. Working with our in house experts in the industry, we have been able to drastically improve on the time it takes for a project to be completed. Also since we are a solar company, and not a company just doing solar on the side, we are confident we are the best solar company for you. We know the industry, we know the needs of our customers and the people of Texas, and we aim to deliver the best results, for the best savings and experience for out customers.

Reduction and Production

The two services we offer both aim to cut your energy cost down, in the end saving your hard earned money! Our model is to save you money with barrier by reducing your energy usage on heating and cooling your home. We call this Reduction. With solar the name of the game is to produce and own your own energy, no longer needing to rely solely on the big Energy companies. This is Production. Our Model is for you to reduce usage with the barrier and to produce your own power, so you can see the maximum savings!

Quality Service Paired with Quality Materials

The Radiant Barrier Insulation is our own patented product, made to last and to drive your energy cost for heating and cooling your home down drastically! The Solar panels we install are some of the best panels on the market right now, produced by an Italian company called Peimar. One benefit besides the great quality of these panels, is that since they don’t come from China we are not having to deal with backorder issue’s like the rest of the industry. The Enphase IQ7 microinverters used on our systems are some of the industries best as well. All of this ensuring the best efficiency for your system!

At the end of the day we realize that making the decision on who you can trust with your Solar or Barrier investment may be tricky. There are ton’s of companies all saying and doing different things. It’s hard to know which Solar company is the best, or even who can be trusted. We hope the information provided can help you make a more informed decision, and hope to be a company you can trust.

If you would like to learn more about how you can save money with energy improvements, give us a call 800-256-5867 to set up an appointment with one of our expert consultants.